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Colectivo maDam

Colectivo maDam is, in a sense, a group dedicated to electroacoustic improvisation. Since its creation in 2011, and having listening as a starting point, maDam explored nearby territories, as the indeterminate composition and stage works.


Electroacoustic improvisation

Colectivo maDam emerged as a space for the exploration of the musical group improvisation. Since its birth, maDam has collaborated with an important collection of Spanish and foreign improvisers among others: Felipe Araya (Chile), Lali Barriere (Spain), Mathieu Bec (France), Lucas Bolaño (Spain), Paloma Carrasco (Spain), Alan Courtis (Argentina), Johnny Chang (Germany), Diatribes (Switzerland), Nilo Gallego (Spain), Dario Fariello (Italy), Antonia Funes (Spain), Miguel A. García (Spain), Lauri Hyvärinen (Finland), Niña Jonás (Spain), Dr. Kurogo (Spain), Alexander Markvart (Russia), Eugene Martynec (Canadá), Wade Matthews (USA/ Spain), Mattin (Denmark/ Spain), Marcio Mattos (Brasil/UK), Miguel Mira (Portugal), Abdul Moimême (Portugal), Seijiro Murayama (Japan), Montserrat Palacios (Spain), Javier Pedreira (Spain), Luz Prado (Spain), Ernesto Rodrigues (Portugal), Ina Sagstuen (Norway), Marta Sainz (Spain), Minami Saeki (Japan), Taku Sugimoto (Japan), Enrique Zacagnini (Spain), etc. maDam has a regular presence in the main Spanish spaces dedicated to improvisation and experimental music (Cruce, Menosuno, Espacio Naranjo, etc.) and has been involved in centers like La Casa Encendida, Faena II, MNCARS, Taberna Alabanda, Matadero Madrid, Yoga Center, Taller Omnivores, Habitar la línea, Theredoom, etc.)



From indeterminacy, freedom and silence Colectivo maDam has prepared the realization of a long series of pieces, constituting, in most cases, premieres in Spain and some even in the world as they were written for the Colectivo maDam. For the preparation of the pieces, Colectivo maDam has collaborated with different composers, many of whom have had the opportunity to develop work sessions and concerts with maDam (Llorenc Barber, Antoine Beuger, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Radu Malfatti, Michael Pisaro, Hector Rey, Taku Sugimoto, Minami Saeki, Cyril Bondy, d’incise, Léo Dupleix, etc.) or when it has not been possible, through epistolary relationship (Lucio Capece, Taylan Susam, etc.). Among the pieces on which the collective has worked, we can highlight the following:

Symphonie monoton-silence (1947/61), by Yves Klein (France)

4’33’’ (1952), by John Cage (USA)

boundary music (1963), by Mieko Shiomi (Japan)

one7 (1990), by John Cage (USA)

four6 (1992), by John Cage (USA)

calme etendue (spinoza) (1997), by Antoine Beuger (Netherlands/Germany)

sometimes (harmony series nº 1) (2004), by Michael Pisaro (USA)

my mind is drifting (harmony series nº 4) (2004-2005), by Michael Pisaro (USA)

Cuaderno de Yokohama (2005), by Llorenç Barber (Spain)

About ‘The Society of Spectacle’ Guy Debord 1967 (2007), by Lucio Capece (Argentina/Germany)

lieux de passage (2007), by Antoine Beuger (Netherlands/Germany)

fields have ears (4) (2009), by Michael Pisaro (USA)

for maaike schoorel (2009), by Taylan Susam (Netherlands)

Some (2009), 1-4, by Stephan Thut (Germany)

Nariyamu (2010), by Radu Malfatti (Austria)

twirled around a central silence (2010), by Antoine Beuger (Netherlands/Germany)

A discrete reconciliation between balance and flux (2011), by Michael Pisaro (USA)

night music (2013-2015), by Antoine Beuger (Netherlands/Germany)

shoguu (2013), by Radu Malfatti (Austria)

After James Naylor #2 (2014), by Héctor Rey (Spain)

For radios (2014), by Taku Sugimoto (Japan)

For castanets (2015), by Taku Sugimoto (Japan)

For inner silence and sound (201?), by Taku Sugimoto (Japan)

Mada (2015), by Taku Sugimoto (Japan)

–…of being numerous (2015), by Antoine Beuger (Netherlands/Germany)

calme etendue (juan de la cruz) (2016), by Antoine Beuger (Netherlands/Germany)

vedbaek (2016), by Allie Robertson (Scotland)

For hums (201?), by Taku Sugimoto (Japan)

For tones (201?), by Taku Sugimoto (Japan)

KI music for breath and paper (2017), by Alfredo Costa Monteiro (Portugal/Spain)

Du peu, un rien (2017), by Alfredo Costa Monteiro (Portugal/Spain)

If only chance happened twice (2017), by Alfredo Costa Monteiro (Portugal/Spain)

now is the moment to learn hope (2017), by Antoine Beuger (Netherlands/Germany)

Ancylini (2018), by D’incise (Switzerland)

Uro-Uro (2018), by Cyril Bondi (Switzerland)

busy people (2018), by Minami Saeki (Japan)

shin-shin (2018), by Minami Saeki (Japan)

–mami I (2019), by Minami Saeki (Japan)

–untitled (madrid) (2019), by Minami Saeki (Japan)

–untitled (for duos) (2019), by Taku Sugimoto (Japan)

–untitled (17 minutes) (2019), by Taku Sugimoto (Japan)

–melodies (2019), by Léo Dupleix (France)

Members of Colectivo maDam have worked in different compositions to be performed by the group members themselves. These have been introduced to the audience in the yearly Composition Series (2014-2018, every month of june, and september of 2019).


Stage works

From listening, space and bodies are confirmed as entities impossible to ignore. A deep musical listening consciousness goes through the scenic dimension of sound, which produces and what surrounds it. From this perspective, Colectivo maDam has developed a series of actions and partnerships for the exploration of the inherent scenic dimension to the music. Somo of these stage works are:

Un rumor de 25 hercios (2013), on texts by Carlos Marquerie. Teatro Pradillo

In memoriam JC (2013) conceived by maDam, involving Anuska Alonso, Elena Alonso, Ana Buitrago, Elena Cordoba, Claudia Faci, Camille Hanson, Mar Lopez, Maria José Pire and Paz Rojo (dance) and Antonio Fernández Lera, Carlos Marquerie, Fernando Renjifo, Getsemaní de San Marcos (on own texts and translated works of John Cage by Antonio Fernández Lera). Teatro Pradillo

Mayo es el mes más bonito (2013) on images of Pedro Costa. Cycle Dancing, is that what you want ?. Teatro Pradillo

Arashi (2013). Performance piece created by Claudia Faci and Collective maDam. Teatro Pradillo

Nariyamu (2010/2013). On the composition by Radu Malfatti, with the participation of Claudia Faci, Getsemaní de San Marcos (voice), Carlos Marquerie (live light design) and Radu Malfatti. Teatro Pradillo

Untitled (2014). Scenic-musical piece created with Dr. Kurogo. Taller Omnívoros.

– The rite of Spring (2014). On the composition of Igor Stravinsky. With the participation of children Ali, Anais, Coral, Ines, Leo, Leo, Manuela, Martin, Rodrigo and Violeta.

– DESAPARICIONES (2014). Electroacoustic improvisation on video DESAPARICIONES, Elena Alonso. Cycle Dancing, is that what you want ?. Teatro Pradillo

Concert-conference / Lecture-Concert (2014). Jaime Conde-Salazar. Cruce

Reactions: Sometimes (2015). On the composition of Michael Pisaro, in dialogue with Entre las luces y las sombras: libertad, by Carlos Marquerie. Teatro Pradillo

– Music for Bufones (2015), by Antonio Fernández Lera

Bailar en el bosque. Cycle Dancing, is that what you want? (2015). With Nilo Gallego. Teatro Pradillo.

Dos poemas lentos (2016), Antonio Fernández Lera. With Carmen Menager. La Nave de Cambaleo.

Salón de Otoño (2017), a proposal by Luciana Pereyra, Rosa Casado and Oscar Villegas. Teatro Pradillo.


sometimes, by michael pisaro. stage versión with Tania Arias (choreography and dance) (2018)


Other intersections

Colectivo maDam performs actions in different spaces dedicated to the visual arts: Cruce (Madrid, 2011-2017), Casa Franca (Madrid 2011-2012), Tabacalera-Molino Rojo (Madrid, 2012), Menosuno (Madrid, 2011 2012), MNCARS Reina Sofia (Madrid, 2012), Etudio Banana (2012), Matadero Madrid (2012-2013), Espacio Islandia (Madrid, 2013), Espacio Trapecio (Madrid, 2013), La Casa Encendida (Madrid, 2013), Taller Omnívoros (Madrid, 2013-2014), Galería Liebre (Madrid, 2014), Espacio Naranjo (2014-2015), The Artescopio (2014-2015), La Tortuga (2015), Librería Traficantes de Sueños (2016), Habitar la línea (2016-2017) and Espacio B (2017-2019).


Residences, participation in festivals and radio presence

In 2013, Colectivo maDam was artist in residence at Teatro Pradillo. In 2013/2014 maDam was artist in residence at Taller Omnívoros. In 2014/2015 maDam was also artisti in residence at Espacio Naranjo and is also artist in residence at Cruce from 2014 till now.

Colectivo maDam has participated in festivals like Sound In-Estampa (Disco Keeper, Matadero Madrid 2011 and 2012.) Aielo i Nits Arts Festival (Valencia, 2012; Madrid, 2013), Situación sonora: la deriva aural (MNCARS, Madrid , 2012), 12Cage12 (Centro Conde Duque, Madrid, 2012), Ciclo Raras músicas (Madrid, 2013), Room Art Fair (In-sound / Hotel Praktik Metropol, Madrid, 2013), Relay (Cruce, Función Lenguaje, Galería Liebre, Madrid, 2014), Audiópolis: audioartistas Audiomad-100 (Madrid, 2014), Festival Escucha (Cruce, Madrid, 2016 and 2017), II Festival del muñeco (Sepúlveda, 2016); Japan Art Week (Madrid, 2017), Art/Banchel (Madrid, 2017); Festival Audio Tangente (Edición Contemporánea) (Burgos, 2017), Festival Vang! (Madrid, 2017), III Art/Banchel (Madrid, 2019), Cruce 25 años (Madrid, 2019).


Colectivo maDam has been involved in some broadcast shows on Radio Utopia (2012), Radio Vallekas (2012), RNE / Radio Classical-Ars Sonora (2011 and 2014) and an all night long concert with works of Antoine Beuger, broadcasted live by Spanish Radio Classical (2016). In 2017, their realization of Michael Pisaro’s sometimes has been broadcast on Late Junction (BBC3).



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